JFK 50 Mile Charity Runner Information

To become one of the JFK 50 Mile Charity Runners you must do the following:

Fill-out a standard JFK 50 Mile entry form and return it along with the appropriate entry processing fee.

A minimum donation of $500 (separate check or money order made out to the Cumberland Valley Athletic Club) should accompany the entry form and appropriate entry processing fee. If you are collecting separate donation checks from friends/family/co-workers/neighbors, etc… the total of the donations submitted (together) must total a minimum of $500.

Officially your tax-deductible donation will be to the Cumberland Valley Athletic Club --an IRS-recognized 501-3 (c). Every dime of your donation will be distributed to the charities served by the JFK 50 Mile. You have the option of designating to which charity/charities you would like to see the donation diverted, and in what amounts. A list of those charities served by the JFK 50 Mile is available upon request.

Charity runners are granted the option of using the 5:00 a.m. start, but that is only recommended if you are currently a 4:30-plus marathoner. If traveling at faster than 15-to-16-minutes per mile pace (12:30 to 13:20 finishing pace) on the Appalachian Trail section in the dark is not recommended --and is potentially very dangerous.

Only the first 100 charity runners will be accepted.