Entries for the 2014 JFK 50 Mile are STILL OPEN!


Entries for the 2014 JFK 50 Mile are STILL OPEN!  Current qualifying requirements are sub-4:30:00 (men) and sub-5:00:00 (women) marathon times --or the equivalent at 50K or 50-miles-- achieved since September 1, 2012.  For those wanting to take-part but not meeting the qualifying standards, Charity Runner positions are still available.  See race packet for details on becoming a Charity Runner.

2014 Team Declaration Instructions


The Team instructions and forms can be found at the following link. Instructions  Form 

2014 Confirmed Entrants


Confirmed entrants in the 2014 JFK 50 Mile Run   Txt   HTML  Thru 10/12/2014

Please wait and give us time to carefully process the entries before emailing concerns. We will be posting entries over the coming weeks as they arrive. After that we will be entertaining correction for spellings and such. Thank you for your patience.



2014 Race Details